Sustainable Branding Days

Save the date! 10-12.5

The Sustainable Branding Days were held for the first time last year (2021). The response after last year’s event made it clear that this is not a one time thing –

therefore we are happy to present that this year’s Sustainable Branding Days will be held on the 10-12th of May 2022 at Pörkenäs, Jakobstad!

This year the Sustainable Branding Days will be a hybrid event, with both in-person and virtual attendees. There are only 100 spots available for in-person attendees at Pörkenäs, so make sure to register today!

Register here if you wish to attend in-person!
Register here if you wish to attend virtually!



We are proud to present the six, top-class keynote speakers that will take the stage (both virtually and in-person) during the Sustainable Branding Days 2022! Our keynote speakers and their combined experience in various fields of sustainability, will not only provide you with valuable inspiration but also hands-on concepts and ideas to help your company reach and excel your sustainability goals.

Tuesday 10.5

  • 09.00 Drop-in, morning coffee
  • 10.00 Opening words
  • 10.05 Keynote Mikael Botnen Diamant – ”Future of Sustainable Branding”
  • 11.00 Keynote Morten Jastrup – ”Corporate Sustainability Megatrends” (via link)
  • 11.40 Studio: Global trends – local revenues
  • 12.00 Lunch
  • 13.00 Keynote Anne Raudaskoski ”Why Circular Design Principles are Important for your Company”
  • 14.00 Keynote Leyla Acaroglu – ”Three Dimensions of Sustainability in Business” (via link)
  • 14.45 Afternoon coffee
  • 15.15 AW Talk (outdoors if the weather allows)
  • 15.50 Round-up, day 1 (outdoors if the weather allows)

Wednesday 11.5

  • 09.00 Drop-in, morning coffee
  • 10.00 The best place in the world – sustainable Jakobstad Region
  • 10.15 Keynote Poyan Karimi – ”Employer Branding: from Strategy to Tactics”
  • 11.15 Business case: Prevex, Marko Nylund, CEO – ”Our insight journey”
  • 11.35 Business case: Ingsva,  Elisabeth Andersson, Marketing Manager – ”Safe and Sustainable Travel”
  • 12.00 Lunch
  • 13.00 Business case: Fazer, Heidi Puolitaival, ESG Manager – ”Fazer –  Sustainability at the core”
  • 13.35 Attractive employers – why and how? Heidi Matinlassi, Project Manager, Jakobstad Region Development Company Concordia
  • 13.50 Business case: Gente UF
  • 14.00 Keynote Gustav Stenbeck – ”Sustainability, made simple(r)”
  • 15.00 Closing words
  • 15.10 AW Music & Networking (outdoors if the weather allows)


Thursday 12.5

Keynote speakers

This year we will give you a great mix of top-class, inspirational keynote speakers as well as interesting sustainability case stories from both local companies and companies outside of the region. Together they will provide you with the motivation and inspiration to take the next important step in your sustainability journey! 

Dr. Leyla Acaroglu

Dr. Leyla Acaroglu (AUS) is an internationally-known sustainability provocateur, sociologist, and award-winning designer, focused on systems thinking, sustainability sciences and creative change-making. She was named Champion of the Earth by the United Nations, Change-Maker by LinkedIn and is a mainstage TED speaker who leads presentations with leaders around the world on activating positive change for a sustainable, circular and regenerative future. As a serial social entrepreneur, she founded The UnSchool, an experimental knowledge lab for adults, developed the Disruptive Design Method and is CEO of creative agency, Disrupt Design.

Keynote: ”Three Dimensions of Sustainability in Business”

Mikael Botnen Diamant

Mikael Botnen Diamant (SWE) is the Strategy Director at Futerra. He has a background in international aid and has worked in agencies and organizations such as Sida and the Swedish Red Cross. In 2015 he attended the Agenda 2030 negotiations in New York, invited by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be a part of the Swedish delegation, as an expert. Last year Mikael and Carl-Johan Schultz published a book, Hållbariseringen, which is a guide for companies in sustainable transition.

Keynote: ”Future of Sustainable Branding”

Gustav Stenbeck

Gustav Stenbeck (ITA/SWE) is an entrepreneur and a business angel. Incurable tech optimist, a capitalist, an evangelist for the business/sustainability combo and keynote speaker. He has for 15 years worked in the area where business and sustainability intersect.

Keynote: ”Sustainability, made simple(r)”

Poyan Karimi

Poyan Karimi is a Swedish/Iranian actor and entrepreneur. He is the founder of the employer branding company Oddwork, the employee video storytelling company Life Inside, and was one of the earliest investors in the Swedish unicorn company Winningtemp. He is an expert within the field of today’s talent market and employer brand and his trendspotting is often cited in distinguished channels across the Nordics and Europe.

Keynote: ”Employer Branding: from strategy to tactics”

Anne Raudaskoski

Anne Raudaskoski (FIN) is one of the circular economy and circular design pioneers in Finland. She is a Head of Consulting and Co-Founder at Ethica, an internationally awarded circular economy consultancy (The Circulars 2016 & Sustainia 100) with a vision of a regenerative world. In her work she develops circular business strategies and solutions for client companies and public organisations.

Keynote: ”Why circular design principles are important for your company”

Morten Jastrup

Morten Jastrup (DEN) is a partner in Nordic Sustainability, one of a new brand of consultancies that bridges classical strategy consulting with a deep understanding of the necessity of urgent and forceful action on sustainability. In four years, the company has developed a clientele with some of the largest Nordic and Northern European businesses by being able to translate some of the newest scientific findings, frameworks and tools into operational plans to become more sustainable for their clients. Originally trained as a journalist, Morten’s work life has been centered on sustainability since around 2000 working in media, think tanks, university and as a consultant.

Keynote: ”Corporate Sustainability Megatrends”


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