Sustainability and circular economy

The world’s most sustainable region.

The future belongs to businesses that are the quickest to switch to sustainable solutions. Are you and your business one of them?

We Ostrobothnians are often forerunners, and now we have the chance to lead the development towards a sustainable future.  Our staff is happy to help you in the transition to a circular economy and can suggest tools and financing options. With the help of our checklist, you and your company can begin working more sustainably already today.

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Ostrobothnia in transition. Roadmap for sustainable development and circular economy

In this roadmap, you can find practical examples on how you can get started or develop your sustainability thinking. The examples are based on the latest research and current trends. We have focused on developing concrete guides, tools and checklists to make the change easier for you as an entrepreneur – whether your company is large or small.

News and articles

Designing sustainable businesses

How do you create a sustainable product or service? What can circular design do to accelerate the transition to circular economy? If you missed the opportunity to attend our seminar “Designing sustainable businesses”, don’t worry – you can watch the entire seminar here.