I have a business idea

Nothing is impossible.

If you have a business idea, we’ll help you move forward. We can assist with everything from setting up your new business to applying for a business grant and funding. Let us help you figure out bureaucracy so that you can concentrate on developing your business. We will also guide you on how to create your business plan.

By the way, you’re in good company. One in every five Ostrobothnians is an entrepreneur, and here in the Jakobstad region we’re known for our entrepreneurial spirit and strong networks. It’s easy to be an entrepreneur here.

Startup grant

Are you thinking of becoming a full-time entrepreneur? Then you can be eligible for a startup grant. The aim of this grant is to support new entrepreneurs.


The process of starting a business

Do you want to know more about the process of starting a business in Finland? What forms to fill in and what calculations need to be in order?



When starting a business you almost always need capital. The need for financing varies, depending on the scope or type of business you are starting.


Do you need a business plan?

A business plan is a written document that describes how you as an entrepreneur make your business idea more tangible. It acts as a roadmap when establishing your company and is a good base for your company’s development. The business plan also includes various calculations such as: financing, profitability, sales volume and cash flow calculations. Please note that a business plan is required when applying for external funding, startup grant, public business grants or investments from potential shareholders.

You fill in your business plan electronically on a digital platform to which you get login-details from Concordia’s business advisors. Click on the link below to apply for login details.

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Download the Guide for New Entrepreneurs

The Enteprise Agency in Finland (Uusyrityskeskus) publishes a “Guide for New Entrepreneurs” which provides an insight into entrepreneurship and is helpful for entrepreneurs in the start-up phase.

The guide contains updated information and changes in the law in terms of taxation, financing and various permits, the employer’s obligations, accounting, pension and income protection for self-employed people.

Do you have questions about entrepreneurship as a career choice, want to know more about what it is like to run a company or simply need a sounding board? Contact one of our business advisors. It is free of charge.


Change of ownership

A company acquisition is a good alternative to starting your own business from scratch. The road to full-scale operations will be shorter and you will have ready-made structures to work with. Customers know the company and the suppliers are familiar.

More information on what to consider when buying a company or when selling a business can be found here. If you are interested in handing over the reins to the next generation of entrepreneurs or a new owner, you will find more information on our homepage. Questions regarding change of ownership? Be in touch with our business advisors.

Our operations are certified

Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy confirms that the Pietarsaari Region Development Company Concordia Oy Pietarsaari is included in the certificate No 2148-17 issued to the Finnish Association of New Business Centres.

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