The Jakobstad region is versatile!

More than 22,000 jobs in the Jakobstad region are spread across several strong industries. For example, we have the food industry, which is currently our largest sector, rubber and plastics, paper and cellulose, mineral products (abrasive materials), boats and a broad metal industry. There are also electrical appliances, machinery and trailers, which are major industries. Then we should not forget trade, logistics and the services provided by both the private and public sectors.

If we look at the value added in the picture, we see that the manufacturing industry accounts for 55% of the total value added. This is a high percentage if we look around Finland. The breadth provides resilience, an ability to adapt quite well to crises. One of the challenges may be that our manufacturing industry must manage to robotise, automate, and digitalise to keep up with the global markets. Climate and sustainability themes are also something that customers are increasingly looking at when searching for producers and suppliers. Are we on track with these developments?


Fredrik Sandelin

Regional developer

+358 44 324 3435