Alholmen Circular Economy Platform

Alholmen Industrial Park boosting its circular economy

Project timeline: 1.1.2024-31.12.2025

Project partners: The Jakobstads region developmentcompany Concordia (lead partner) and Alholmen Industrial Park rf

Total budget: 328.852 €

Funding: European Union through the Renewable and Competent Finland programme 2021-2027, from the Just Transition Fund (JTF), Pietarsaari Region Development Company Concordia Ltd’s owner municipalities and Alholmen Industrial Park rf

ACEP-projects five workpackages

“The Alholmen Circular Economy Platform (ACEP) project will boost AIP into a leading circular economy ecosystem through co-operation and cross-sectoral drive.”

1. Communication

  • Project coordination, communication and administration.

2. Energy

  • Increase the use of renewable energy and improve energy efficiency and thus resource efficiency in the AIP area.
  • The options for heat- and energy recovery in the area are identified. Opportunities for waste heat recovery and energy storage in the AIP area are to be identified.
  • An implementation plan for the development of electric vehicle infrastructure in the area is to be developed.

3. Circulating materials

  • Reuse of side streams for recycling is analysed through a value chain analysis.
  • Setting up and pilot testing a digital material platform to collect up-to-date information on material flows through the area, available materials and their quantities.
  • Setting targets and metrics for the circular economy.

4. Resource sharing

  • Mapping of needs and competences by establishing a green transition talent pool for AIP companies.
  • Creating a common knowledge base, or skills passport, for employees through shared educational content in areas such as safety, sustainability and circular economy.
  • Developing the sharing culture in more areas, including facilities, machinery and equipment.

5. Co-operation and attraction

  • Strengthen the visibility and attractiveness of the AIP area at different levels, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the industrial park for new talent.
  • Build innovative circular economy networks, ecosystems and pilot projects through multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral actions.


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