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The Jakobstad region is doing well – the only thing we need is more knowledgeable professionals. We need experts, production personnel and higher education graduates. Teachers, engineers, healthcare professionals, and welders. The list could go on and on.
In the Jakobstad region you can find work, nice neighbours and a vast selection of spare-time activities. The strong bilingualism in our region has led to a great deal of knowledge and experience in internationalisation.
Here you can read some stories from people from abroad who have find their home in the Jakobstad region.

Julia Capozza

I was waiting for the honeymoon period to end. But as time went on, I realised I just really love it here,” says Julia Capozza.


Don Duma

“Internationally minded people and plenty of work opportunities: it’s easy to build a life here,” says Don Duma.

Emebet Wache

“Everything we need is right here, including helpful people and pristine nature,” says Emebet Wache.


Albert Kabasu

“I love the space and that it’s quiet here. I don’t like the hustle and bustle of a big city,” says Albert Kabasu.


Danielle Berclouw

“Don’t be fooled by Jakobstad’s size. From cinemas and live music to art exhibitions, there’s more to this small town than meets the eye”, says Danielle Berclouw.

Clirim Canko

“Jakobstad is a place where people give one another a chance,” says Clirim Canko.


This is the Jakobstad Region

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“Jakobstad is a place where people give one another a chance,” says Clirim Canko. Meet Clirim Canko (pronounced “tsanko”), an Albanian entrepreneur who moved to the Jakobstad region in 2006. He tells

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My name is Eva Gädda. I work with a project named SEUTUKAUPUNKIrekry. This project aims at supporting international recruitment and develop companies recruitment capacity. In the Jakobstad region we do this by creating network possibilities for newcomers and their families and strengthen image, attraction and communication skills in companies who need more labor. Do you want more information? Feel free to contact me

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My name is Heidi Matinlassi and I work with a project named “Talent Insights”. The aim is to attract to and retain talents in the Jakobstad region. We help companies to become more attractive and arrange different kind of events, where people meet and network. We also inform about job possibilities and the region’s high quality of living in different ways and different target groups. If you’re interested in knowing more about these themes, please be in contact.

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