The Jakobstad region is a strong carrier of culture – let’s get even better!

During the past six months, the Jakobstad Region Development Company Concordia has co-organized two cultural seminars with totally over 150 participants. Last autumn, the seminar “The power of creativity” was organized in connection with the RUSK festival. And last week it was time for the “Public Art Seminar”.

Both were organized at Campus Allegro, which in many ways is a strong cradle of art and culture in the region. But we should not forget that culture exists on a much broader level. Over 1600 associations and more than 320 companies with an annual turnover of almost 5 million demonstrate this. Then there is education at primary, secondary and higher level, not to mention the importance of “Arbetarinsituten/Työväenopistot” as carriers of culture.

Two clear messages have emerged from the seminars. Culture is strong in the region, both as an industry and through the education offered, and we need to be better at promoting culture both as a professional industry and by demonstrating the social sustainability culture builds. The second message is that the city of Jakobstad and perhaps also other municipalities should establish cultural plans– a political will to utilize and develop art and culture. The region’s development company Concordia can and would like to play an active role in promoting the theme. Those who want to delve deeper can read what the local press has written about the events.

Fredrik Sandelin
Regional developer
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