Sustainable Jakobstad Region

The Sustainable Jakobstad Region’s four key areas:


A lot of the activities that have been done in our region come as a result of what we like to call the ”The Jakobstad Region Coffee Concept”. By bringing people together over a cup of coffee, we create an arena where people can discuss, benchmark, solve problems, innovate and share ideas and challenges in an open and relaxed setting.

Jakobstad Region Sustainability Stories

Three driving forces

We have identified three driving forces, which we believe definies the sustainability activities in our entrepreneurial region.


Responsibility is a part of our DNA. This can be seen in our way of living and working. Trust, genuineness, and commitment are self-evident for us. Here a handshake is all that is needed.


The industry-leading companies in the Jakobstad Region are the drivers of sustainable solutions on many levels, with quality in focus. We are used to doing things right, with feeling and expertise. This is the home of quality.

Long-term thinking

Long-term thinking is a key factor to the success of many of the family-owned companies in the region. This foresight is based on our history, our values, and broad networks. Here long-term and sustainable solutions are more important than short-term benefits.

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Establishments & investments

The Jakobstad Region is an attractive place for both sustainable establishments and investments. The region’s three driving forces within sustainability; responsibility, quality and long-term help us create a region where businesses can expand, develop and take part in the green transition.

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Talent attraction

Would you like to work for an employer that shares your thoughts and values on sustainability? In the Jakobstad Region you will find companies that actively and genuinly work with sustainability so that you can find a job where you can make a difference,

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The Jakobstad Region – a place where you have the freedom to be yourself and build your own quality of life.

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