Business services

You’re obviously doing well!

Now it’s time to step up to the next level. We would be happy to walk the road with you and we have the tools needed for you to make your business develop, grow and find new markets. Concordia’s business advisors will guide you through planning, investments, recruiting, sustainability, circular economy and changes in ownership.

Do you need help to find solutions for your challenges? We are here for you!

Business strategy and planning

As an entrepreneur you make many decisions, smaller and bigger. We have experience of being partners for entrepreneurs in many situations. We can give you objective points of view to different development alternatives and help you evaluate them. We can also advice you how to access the analysis- and consultant services of the Finnish Centre for economic development, transpots an the environment (ELY-keskus). Book a time with one of our business advisors for a discussion about developing your business. It’s that easy to get it started!

ELY-keskus analysis services ELY-keskus consultant services

Business financing

Sometimes your own muscles aren't simply strong enough when you need to invest in development. We can help you to look at the possibilities to be granted a loan or a support. An investment support of 20 % can be granted by the local Leader-group or by the Ely-keskus if your plans are within their guidelines. Ely-keskus can also grant supports for different types of development projects, as much as 50% of the budget. We can help you to find out the possibilities for financial support and also guide you through the application process. More information about the most common financial supports is to be found below.

Support for developing the business

Here you can read more about the support for developing your business. The support is granted by ELY-keskus.


Leader-financing can help you to make investments. The support is granted by Aktion Österbotten.

Financial support for businesses in the rural areas

Businesses in the rural area can apply for different supports when developing their business.

Change in ownership

Start planning for changes in ownership several years before the actual date. The planning process includes many questions about legal issues, financing and taxation. There are no turnkey solutions as little as there are two exactly similar ownership change processes. Do you have questions about changes in ownership? Don't hesitate to contact our business advisors!

Selling a company

An entrepreneur often lives for the business. Anyhow, sooner or later it’s time for a change. If your business is successful, you should strenghten it before handing it over to the next owner.

Buying a company

Buying a company is a good alternative to starting a new one from scratch. The road to full scale activities will be much shorter. The customers know you and the suppliers are familiar. If you alreday have a business and want to grow, why not buy another one?

Generational change

Is there someone in the family who wants to continue with the business? How do you pass on ownership to your children? How can I as the new owner tmange to be responsible for everything? Concordias business advisors are dealing with these questions and we can share our experiences to help you.

Real estate register

Are you thinking of establishing your business in the Jakobstad region?

In the Jakobstad region, you get to work in an international setting with strong networks and a solid entrepreneurial spirit. We have competitive facilities and properties for all types of start-ups.

Create or find a business hub for your company and join our community. You can buy or rent business premises, industrial properties, plots, office facilities, or warehouses via our free-of-charge establishment and real estate service.

Business and service register

Concordia’s business and service register consists of basic information about the companies in the Jakobstad region, a service directory with the companies products and services as well as business statistics. Is your company missing from the register? Give us a call or send a mail and we’ll fix it!

Our team of business advisors!