The region is growing – but is it enough?

Compared to other regions in Finland, The Jakobstad region continually is growing, in contrary to national statistical forecasts. The region reached and has maintained over 50,000 inhabitants throughout the whole of 2023.

In total, we have increased by 352 people and it is the age group 15-64 that has grown the most – by 315 people. So the idea that the population is aging is not really true for the Jakobstad region. Of course, we are also struggling with a declining birth rate. It is international migration that gives us the increase. Within the country, net migration is still in the red, even though we see a positive trend there as well. The population also varies during a year, due to the fact that about over half of a cohort of about 800 students enroll in the study locations in August-September each year. Are we growing enough? No, not if we look at the need for a workforce of over 2,500 for existing companies over the next three years or if we look at business growth and investment. Certainly not if major green investments start to land – then the competition for labor quickly intensifies. So what does this mean for us?