AIP invites potential employees on a guided bus tour in connection with Come Here! event

In an initiative to connect potential employees with the industries at Alholmen Industrial Park, an industrial tour is organised 24 of July in connection with the annual event Come Here! Participants will have the opportunity to take part in a tailor-made guided bus tour through the AIP industrial park, where they will learn about the different industries and their recruitment needs. 

There will be two bus tours to AIP during the day, one with Swedish language guidance at 14.30 and one with Finnish language guidance at 16.30. Tickets for the bus tour will be distributed in Campus Allegro by AIP’s industries at the Come Here! event. The target group is potential employees. 

The bus tour lasts just over an hour and is planned to provide concentrated information about the industries’ work activities. At the same time, participants will also get an insight into the history and development of the industrial area and ongoing projects in the circular economy. 

The bus tour will start at the town square in Pietarsaari and pass through all the major manufacturing industries in the AIP area.

The AIP tour has been developed by AIP’s industries within the Alholmen Circular Economy Platform project.