Immigration is on the rise!

In 2022, 600 international migrants moved to the Jakobstad Region. The year before it was 413, so we see a clear increase. The share of other languages in Jakobstad is approaching 15%. The Jakobstad region needs labour, we know that from before. Now immigration is clearly increasing. In addition, the birth rate still looks quite positive, although it varies somewhat between our five municipalities.

There are still more births than deaths. So it is a myth that we have an ageing population. Net migration within the country is unfortunately -305, which is about the same as the proportion of a yearly cohort of around 800 who enrolls in the study centers. Within the country, 1592 moved in and 1897 moved out.

Soon we will see official statistics for 2023 and it will be interesting to see how it develops. We’ve been growing steadily for a year now and the regional population in March was 50,484.


Fredrik Sandelin

Regional developer

+358 44 324 3435