We could definitely move here!

-The Jakobstad region seems to be a lovely place with nice people

Nawaz Ahmed and Fatema Jannat participated in the Jakobstad region’s recruitment fair “Täällä on töitä!” in Oulu before Christmas 2022 and won our visitor competition. The prize was a two-day visit to the Jakobstad region with the goal of testing the possibility of attracting them here with jobs and quality of life!

How did their visit to the Jakobstad region go?

The fact that the winners happened to have an international background – both are from Bangladesh – with just over four months experience of Finland made the visit extra interesting. Both live now in Oulu, where Nawaz is currently working, and Fatema is studying for a master’s degree in electronics and communication at the University of Oulu. Nawaz has a university degree in business management. Both already have around 10 years of work experience and experience from an own company.
Why have they come to Finland then? Both Nawaz and Fatema have chosen a country with a high level of quality in education, and the fact that Finland is known for a work environment with a good balance between work and leisure has been important. Safety and the opportunity to create a life here in the long term are also important factors for them.

For two days, Fatema and Nawaz have been able to make company visits, enjoy rest at Jugend Boutique Hotel, get to try winter bathing at Strandis and received guided tours of both Jakobstad and the region’s business and history. Of our broad business community, we had time for visits to Beamex, Snellman and Nautor. We had interesting discussions about job opportunities, thesis work and what the international work environment looks like at the companies.

When we sat down at Concordia and summed up their experiences from the past days, we got a visit from fellow Bangladeshi Hizzatul Alam Hemal, who studies and works in Jakobstad and suddenly the discussion language changes to Bengali. But it also turns out that our visitors had language knowledge in Urdu, Hindi and Arabic in addition to the well flowing English they spoke during their visit. Fatema and Nawaz have language studies in Finnish underway, but in four months they have not made it that far yet.
But both Fatema and Nawaz are clear on that they want to find work, that to some extent, corresponds to their level of education and experience. Entry possibilities to the job market could possibly be both summer jobs and internships or thesis work.

We can definitely imagine settling down in the Jakobstad region

Our guests thanked for a warm reception both from the companies they visited as well as the people they met during the visit. “We can definitely imagine settling down in the Jakobstad region, as long as we find work and accommodation!” Nawaz and Fatema sum up the visit when we wave them off at Jakobstad-Pedersöre railway station for their 2-hour trip back north.

So, if any of you business representatives in the Jakobstad region are in need of well-educated and motivated workers, we have two lovely, experienced and long-term immigrants who are ready to move in – just get in touch!