“Jakobstad is a place where people give one another a chance,” says Clirim Canko. Meet Clirim Canko (pronounced “tsanko”), an Albanian entrepreneur who moved to the Jakobstad region in 2006. He tells

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“There’s more to Jakobstad than meets the eye,” says Danielle Berclouw Meet Danielle Berclouw, a Dutch/Irish copywriter who moved to the Jakobstad region in 2020. She talks to us about

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“Everything we need is right here, including helpful people and pristine nature,” says Emebet Wache Meet Emebet Wache, an Ethiopian practical nurse who moved to the Jakobstad region in 2018. Emebet opens

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“I love the space and that it’s quiet here. I don’t like the hustle and bustle of a big city,” says Albert Kabasu. Meet Congolese Albert Kabasu, Ess-Ma technician and

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“Internationally minded people and plenty of work opportunities: it’s easy to build a life here,” says Don Duma. Meet Don Duma, a South African IT and business specialist who moved

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‘I was waiting for the honeymoon period to end. But as time went on, I realised I just really love it here,’ says Julia Capozza Meet Julia Capozza, an American

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