Sustainable Branding Days



Thank You all who participated in the Sustainable Branding Days-event and made it a success! Please be on the lookout on our social media for a summary of this two-day event. If you want to continue the discussion about some of the topics highlighted by our keynotes, please remember to use the #sustainablebrandingdays #strongertogether #thehomeofquality #eugreenweek


Sustainable branding for regions, cities and companies.



Jakobstad Region Development Company Concordia, Novia University of Applied Sciences (Jakobstad) and Centria University of Applied Sciences (Jakobstad) presents – SUSTAINABLE BRANDING DAYS – a digital event that will highlight the possibilities within sustainable branding and circular economy.


Sustainability – are you doing your part?


Sustainability should already be an integrated part of both city and company branding. Sustainable Branding Days (11-12/05) is a conference for regions, cities and businesses where we will discuss how sustainability affects your brand. Because it does.




EU Green Week 2021 Partner 





Bruce Oreck, Former U.S. Ambassador to Finland

Between 2009 and 2015 Oreck served as the U.S. Ambassador to Finland and he is currently an Executive in Residence at Aalto University in Helsinki. Oreck is a renowned public speaker and during his 20 years of public speaking he has educated his audience on topics such as marketing, entrepreneurship and envisioning the future. In his keynote during Sustainable Branding Days, Oreck will not only address the significance of sustainability, but also the oppurtunities that are available for those businesses who are truly willing to embrace transformation.



Eva Jilkén, Project Manager, Leader Höga Kusten

Jilkén is a well-known public speaker in Sweden who has, during the last three years, been running a successful project called “Vi Landsbyggare”. The project aims to challenge the perceptions and change the attitudes towards the countryside. They also aim to get an understanding on how the countryside can attract new businesses, while retaining the ones already established. All in all, create a more positive image of rural communities! Jilkén will in her keynote share with us her views on place and region development, as well as the important aspect of teamwork when working towards creating an attractive and sustainable region.


Eva Seignette, Marketing Manager & Sustainability Analyst, SB Insight

SB Insight is a Stockholm based insight agency and their mission is to create sustainable brands. Using in-depth studies, reports and education solutions, the company focuses on data-driven sustainability insights, a tailored analysis, and strategic tools in order to provide decision-making material on how sustainability affects branding, communication and business development.

Seignette will in her keynote share some useful insights on sustainable branding. What is a sustainable brand? And how do you manage to build one? And which aspect of sustainability does the consumer value the highest?


Gustav Stenbeck, CEO, Mestro

Sustainability and profitable businesses really do go hand in hand – this is the message, Stenbeck, entrepreneur and investor, wants to deliver to all attendees of Sustainable Branding Days. In his keynote “Green cash – get rich and save the planet”, Stenbeck will emphasize the importance of sustainability being part of businesses today as well as businesses in the future. As a bonus, all those lucky enough to get a green ticket to the Circular InnoLab, will also receive valuable advice and guidance from Stenbeck to help them develop the circular business solutions of tomorrow!



Nina Ehrnrooth, CEO Partioaitta

In the Sustainable Brand Index 2021-ranking, Partioaitta was chosen by the Finnish consumers as the most sustainable brand in the clothes and fashion-stores category. They were also ranked 18th in the overall ranking of the top 20 most sustainable brands of 2021 according to Finnish consumers. In her keynote, Ehrnrooth will share some essential insights from Partioaittas sustainability journey. What is their sustainability philosophy? And what are the challenges and opportunities they have faced along the way?