Welcome to the Pietarsaari Jakobstad Region!

The Pietarsaari Jakobstad region is an excellent area for living, working and establishing new enterprises, due to the functional geographical location and strong entrepreneurial spirit. These pages are designed for people who are thinking about moving to
the Pietarsaari Jakobstad region.
Our companies are constantly looking for new talents. Read more about it here.

Quick facts

Inhabitants in the region
Flight time (in minutes) to Helsinki
Workplaces in the region
Travel time (in hours) by train to Helsinki
Number of associations (e.g. sports, village, culture, theatre) in the Jakobstad Region
Islands in the Jakobstad Region arhcipelago
Million euros - is the export value of the goods manufactured in the region

Good connections

The Jakobstad region has a logistical advantage. It is one of the few areas in Finland that has it all: good road, railroad, and airline connections, as well as its own port. We are situated a comfortable distance from larger cities such as Helsinki and Stockholm.

International trade since 1652

The Jakobstad region is export driven with long tradition of international trade. We want to see our region as “Export Finland”. The companies in our region are known for a local presence with a global action radius, regardless of the size of the company. We are every week all over the world and we compete on the global market with world-class products.

The Jakobstad region = Quality of life

The Jakobstad region is a relaxed and unpretentious area. We are proud of what we do and who we are, and here you can feel free to be yourself, too.


Come here! We’ve got jobs available.
Welcome to our event where you’ve got a chance to meet companies from the Pietarsaari Jakobstad region.

Hear what’s going on, what kind of competence they’re looking for and
why it’s interesting to work at them. Take a chance and meet the region’s municipalities, too. Their representatives
can tell you more about living in this region. Come also to see what kind possibilities to study there is.

Date: Wed 24. July at 15-18
Place: Old Fire Station, Kristiinankatu 2, Pietarsaari

Program: interviews, snacks and a draw
Host: Antti Koivukangas

Exhibitors: Solving, Beamex, Abilita, Ekeri, Fresh Servant, OSTP, Social Services and Health Care, UPM, Mirka, Herrfors, Prevex, Alfen Elkamo, STH Steel, Stadshotellet, Genero, Hötorgscentret, Sundström, Fluid-Bag, Optima, LKI Käldman, YA!, Centria, Novia, Tutkijaverkosto, Mäklarbyrå J. Riska, Ebba Fastigheter, Skata Garden, Pietarsaari, Pedersöre, Luoto, Kruunupyy, Uusikaarlepyy and Concordia (Visit Jakobstad Region)

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