Find the place of your dreams

A home should reflect the people that live there. In the Jakobstad region you can choose to live with a sea view and a private pier, with forest or fields right beside you, on the banks of a river or at the beach of a lake, in a rural area or in the centre of town, with a private garden, or five stories up, level with the treetops.

In the Jakobstad region you are close to services regardless of where you choose to live. Distances in the region are short, and it is common for inhabitants to live in one part of the region while working in another. Such proximity is also reflected in the social life of the region’s towns and villages: it is easy to meet neighbours and other residents and find one’s place socially.

So welcome to the Jakobstad Region!

Real-estate agencies in the Jakobstad region:

Real estate agency Mäklarbyrå J. Riska AFF
Aktia Fastighetsförmedling Jakobstad
Asunto Björndahl Ab
Fastighetsbyrå Versum Ab

Apartments for rent:

Ebba Fastigheter / Ebba Kiinteistö

Facebook-groups for example Apartments in Pietarsaari/Jakobstad and apartments for rent in Ostrobothnia

Vacant municipal residential plots in Pedersöre
Vacant municipal residential plots in Larsmo
Vacant municipal plots in Kronoby
Vacant municipal residential plots in Jakobstad
Vacant municipal plots in Nykarleby

The contact details below will put you in touch with individuals who can help you find a residence or lot that meets your needs!

Jakobstad, Mätningsavdelningen, Strengbergsgatan 1, phone 06 786 3111*, 06 786 3234 (Juha Gustafsson, Arrendetomtgivare)
Kronoby, Tekniska kansliet, Säbråvägen 2, phone 06 834 3000*, 050 5624 924 (Dan Stenlund, Planläggare)
Larsmo, Tekniska avdelningen, Norra Larsmovägen 30, phone 06 785 7222, 06 785 7224 (Thomas Käldström, Markanvändningsingenjör)
Nykarleby, Byggnadskansliet, Topeliusesplanaden 7, phone 06 785 6111 (växel), 06 785 6210 (Tom Johansson, Planläggningschef)
Pedersöre, Byggnadstillsynsbyrån, Skrufvilagatan 2, phone 06 785 0111*