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Vital industry and an entrepreneurial spirit

The Jakobstad region is a multi-faceted and flourishing industrial region. The Jakobstad region is home to Finland’s most multidimensional industry structure. Important industries in the region are: food, metal, paper, machinery&equipment, rubber&plastic, boat, fur, abrasives technology and consultation. The region’s strength lies in export knowledge, international contacts, proficiency in industrial processing, and a high standard of technical knowledge.

Our companies are constantly looking for new talents. Welcome to our region, we have available jobs.

Finland Works - European Job Days, presentation and links to summer jobs and open positions! THE HOME OF QUALITY - brochure Here's a link to some of the open positions within Jakobstad Pietarsaari Region.

Do you have something to offer?

Do you have a competitive idea as regards how local companies can improve their business or profitability? Or are you interested in improving the local population’s well being? Identify your niche and create room for your skills and knowledge!

A strong entrepreneurial spirit characterizes the Jakobstad region. The region’s main industries and various business clusters employ an entire network of sub-contractors, driven by a strong tradition of creating privately owned businesses from specialized skills. Growth potential exists, especially within the service sector. If you would like to start up your own business, we can help you find grants or financial backing, partners, employees, or even staff. Contact the Jakobstad Region Development Company Concordia for more information.